5-Day ”Women’s Undercover Techniques and Survival”

Attendees: This course is designed for “FEMALE” Undercover and Plainclothes Officers/Detectives/Agents/Supervisorsassigned to Narcotics, Gangs, Intelligence, Internal Affairs, ViceHuman Trafficking, or Specialized Units.

Course Description: This 5-day (36 hour) training was designed to complement the experienced FEMALE undercover officer as well as bring the newly assigned FEMALE undercover officer to the level of awareness and safety coupled with the knowledge that is required of seasoned undercovers. This "pay it forward" type of training has come from Dave’s 20 years of instruction and 25 years of personal experience. Having trained over 12,000 male and female undercover personnel, both internationally and nationally, Instructor Dave Redemann learned early in his teaching career that even though he was blessed to have a wide array of undercover experience and knowledge, he has not walked in the shoes of a female undercover. With this concept in mind, Dave augments his teaching with additional experienced female undercover instructors. Through years of dedication and hard work, Dave earned the respect and trust of female undercover officers and agents who have bestowed, ‘paid forward’, their experiences, both and good and bad, and shared the pitfalls of being female in an undercover assignment. A large number of those experiences and events are captured and recorded in interviews that Dave uses as examples during the course. In addition,Dave couples these recordings with his own personal experiences in an effort to assist those assigned to undercover work. Dave’s objective is to make the dangerous job of undercover work safer and bring a new level of professionalism to the assignment. Dave strives to impart this knowledge and information to others in an effort to make certain every female undercover officer gets home to their loved ones each and every night. Dave updates his training with the most current and relevant information prior to each course of instruction. 

The training covers: The training covers: weapon placement and options, effective recruitment and utilization of informants, identifying safety considerations and unique problems associated with undercover work, addressing the psychological challenges of undercover work, identifying difficult undercover situations and demonstrating methods to resolve them, understanding prosecutorial guidelines,regulations and entrapment issues, discussing risk management of undercover operations, examining key issues in the supervision of undercover units andpersonnel, demonstrating techniques for infiltration of certain criminal organizations, identifying and demonstrating briefing and debriefing technique and addressing theunique issues associated with women working inundercover assignments.

Instructors: DAVE REDEMANN'S twenty-five years undercover experience includes, but is not limited to, the following: vice, narcotics, organized crime, white supremacy groups, militia groups, Mexican drug trafficking organizations, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and assisting Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) undercover personnel on an international terror case.  A large portion of Dave’s cases involved long term infiltrations of criminal organizations lasting up to four years. Dave was tasked with infiltrating an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. This assignment lasted for almost 4 years. Dave has spent roughly ten years of his undercover career living with the criminals he was investigating. While working undercover, Dave has purchased most levels of numerous types of narcotics, stolen vehicles, stolen property, guns, fully automatic guns, explosives, and hand grenades. Dave created and teaches at the Washington State Undercover School (since 1997) teaches at the F.B.I. undercover school (since 1997), Pennsylvania State Police "Top Gun" undercover school (since 2013), Midwest Counter Drug Training Center (since 2010) and additional military, federal, state and local agencies and organizations in the United States and World.

Guest Insturctors: TBA, Experienced female undercover instructors. 


COST: $450 

Class schedule: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Contact Us:   (206) 484-1596 or Dave@policetraininginstitute.com


(This course is designed to be presented at almost any location so agencies can be as fiscally responsible as they can. This mobility increases the number of students trained per dollar, potentially eliminating lodging, hotel, and rental car for students.  Please contact Dave Redemann at dave@policetraininginstitute.com for further details.)

Hands down – the best training I have ever had. I wish it was longer and even more advanced classes to pick up where this left off.
— Matt Ledford – Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Great Experience. Thanks! I appreciated the opportunity to “taste” this side of police work and get a more clear idea of it. I actually want to do this kind of work.
— McNalty