TNOA 2018

#1  Sir,

I just wanted you to know that I attended your class this past week in Texas and it was by far the best class I have ever taken in my entire life. You made many statements that hit home with me and I will carry them throughout my career.

Thank You and God Bless,

#2  Hey there sir this is Eric from the TNOA conference this week. Just wanted to say thx again for the awesome class. Sorry for eating up your lunch break afterwords. Really appreciated you taking the time to talk. 

I kinda got roped into the conference and didn’t really have the money for it but the Lord provided and got some help to go. Then sitting in your class the Lord really spoke to me. Thx for all the work you do. I’ve been in multiple tactical schools and had never heard that a gun pressed up to someone wouldn’t go off so that alone was priceless info. That and my wife loves the screw driver idea. She’s always nervous getting my 3 kids under 5 years old in and out of the car at the grocery store and isn’t comfortable having a pistol with her when it’s just her and the kids. Screwdriver idea is perfect. The Lord really showed me how selfish I’ve been thinking just because I’m physically in the same room as my kids that that is the same as living them more than myself and my job. When you were talking about what you spend the most time on is what you love it hit hard. 

My team and I were in ur class. All believe in something but the deepest our conversations have been often times are how much they drank the night before. Been hard to have real conversations.  When we got back from ur class my partner asked what I thought about it and we all had some real conversations. One guy was talking about relationships that have failed because he shared too much detail of the job and one guy one guy was talking about how he worries about his relationship with his kids. The Lord gave us really good time together. 

Anyway, sorry for the long message. Just wanted to say thx again. Hope to catch another class some day. Excited that so many ppl in this dangerous and often times depressing job will hear how to stay safe but also hear a message of hope and encouragement this year.  Thx for ur service and be safe. 



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