Defensive Tactics for Undercover and Plainclothes Units (Fight to Survive)

Attendees: This course is designed for Supervisors and Managers of Undercover and Plainclothes Officers/Detectives/Agents/Supervisorsassigned to Narcotics, Gangs, Intelligence, Internal Affairs, ViceHuman Trafficking, Task Forces or Specialized Units.

Course Description: There has been a growingconcern for Undercover Officer Safety. Five undercover officers have been killed in the last 5 or 6 years and countless officers have been assaulted, injured and or shot. Due to the enormous amount of request by undercover personnel to expand the “hands on” Undercover Defensive Tactics class for the Washington State Undercover School and FBI Undercover School we have created a 3 -Day “hands on” course called“The Undercover Edge, Defensive Tactics with an Offensive Advantage”.  **This training involves physical striking and physical activities.  Duty firearms, holsters and mma striking gloves are required. 

The training covers: How to draw your weapons from undercover concealment, how to attack vital areas of a suspect with secondary weapons and weapons of opportunity, how to defend yourself from knife, and gun attacks, how to look for and use weapons of opportunity in defense of your life, how to defend yourself when being attacked by a suspect in a vehicle, how to engage a suspect with a firearm and the problems associated with it while “in contact” with the suspect.  The training also provides “Laser Shot”a live scenario “shoot don't shoot”simulator. This training simulator has over 900 scenarios ranging from practical shooting techniques to “real life undercover and off duty” situations.  This element of undercover training is one of a kind. 

Instructor: DAVE REEDMAN'S 25 of 34 years of service has been in undercover units.  His experience has ranged from working Vice, Narcotics, Organized Crime, White Supremacist, Militia Groups, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and even assisted other F.B.I. undercover personnel on an International Terrorist Case.  Dave has been an undercover for the Seattle Police Department, case agent and an interim supervisor for an undercover unit over a large portion of his 33-year career.   Dave’s self defense background is in boxing and wrestling.  Dave wrestled in high school and boxed from childhood through college.  He also coached boxing to “at risk” kids for 4 years.  Dave created and has been teaching a “hands on” “Undercover Defensive Tactics” class for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center “Undercover School” for the past 17 years.  He instructed Defensive Tactics for the Seattle Police Department for 2 years. Dave created andinstructs a “hands on” undercover defensive tactics class for FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) undercover personnel.  He created and instructs a “hands on” undercover defensive tactics class for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) spy personnel who work around the world.  Dave created and instructed several times a “hostage prevention and survival” training for the US Military to assist those military personnel while they are serving abroad.  Dave was asked over and overagain by undercover personnel to expand the “hands on” Undercover Defensive Tacticsclass in the Washington State Undercover School. So he created a 3-Day  “hands on” course called “The Undercover Edge, DefensiveTactics with an Offensive Advantage”.  


DATE:  SEPTEMBER 5th - 7th, 2018

COST:  $295

Class schedule: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Contact Us:   (206) 484-1596 or

(This course is designed to be presented at almost any location so agencies can be as fiscally responsible as they can. This mobility increases the number of students trained per dollar, potentially eliminating lodging, hotel, and rental car for students.  Please contact Dave Redemann at for further details.)

Hands down – the best training I have ever had. I wish it was longer and even more advanced classes to pick up where this left off.
— Matt Ledford – Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Great Experience. Thanks! I appreciated the opportunity to “taste” this side of police work and get a more clear idea of it. I actually want to do this kind of work.
— McNalty