“The Undercover Edge”
Defensive Tactics with an Offensive Advantage

There has been a growing concern for Undercover Officer Safety. Two undercover officers have been killed in the last three years and countless officers have been assaulted and or shot. Due to the enormous amount of request by undercover personnel to expand the “hands on” Undercover Defensive Tactics class in the Washington State Undercover School and FBI Undercover School we have created a 2 or 3-Day “hands on” course called “The Undercover Edge, Defensive Tactics with an Offensive Advantage”.  


One day of “Undercover Survival” in the classroom and one or two days of “hands on” practical training on mats and in vehicles. The classroom portion teaches the student how to mentally and physically prepare to survive a “life threatening” attack while working undercover or plainclothes.    The “hands on” portion of the school teaches the students how to defend themselves against a wide array of suspect attacks.  They will learn how to draw their weapons from undercover concealment,  how to attack vital areas of a suspect with “secondary weapons” and “weapons of opportunity”,  how to defend themselves from knife, and gun attacks as well as how to look for and use weapons of opportunity in defense of their lives.  We will teach them how to defend themselves in vehicles when being attacked by the suspect and also learn how to engage a suspect with a firearm and the problems associated with the firearm while “in contact” with the suspect.  All of the “hands on” training is done in the most realistic training environment possible.   Dave’s training also provides “Laser Shot” a live scenario “shoot don't shoot” simulator. This simulator ranges from practical shooting techniques to “real life undercover and off duty” situations providing over 900 scenarios.  This element of undercover training is one of a kind. 


DATES:  SEPTEMBER 5th - 7th, 2018

Cost: $395 per student

Class schedule: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Contact Us:   (206) 484-1596 or Dave@policetraininginstitute.com

This course is designed to be presented at almost any location in order for your agency to be as fiscally responsible as they can. This mobility increases the number of students trained per dollar, potentially eliminating lodging, hotel, and rental cars.