“Saving High Risk Victims"

Program Topics: Prostitution – In Call – Out Call – Street Level – Backpage – Craigslist – Strip Clubs – Massage Parlor– Special Events – Pimps – Children – Selecting Locations – Saving the Victims – Internet Crimes Against Children – Digital Forensics – Legal Considerations – Policy Issues - Prostitution Reversals – Street Level – Escorts Undercover ID – Backstopping – Facebook – Backpage – Hotel In calls - Human Trafficking – Understanding Who is the Victim –Treatment for the Victim - Testifying in Court – Special Undercover Techniques – Tactical Aspects of Doing the Takedown – Practical Exercises – Working Bars/Nightclubs - Informants – Developing Informants – Surveillance – Testifying – Supervising Vice Operations – Lessons Learned – Case Studies of “Cop Gone Bad”

Course Description: A five-day (36 hours) training program designed for law enforcement officers who are beginning to work vice investigations or have worked vice for some time. The basic portion of the course will be essential for newer Vice officers and definitely provide veterans with a solid reminder of important principles of working vice and human trafficking investigations. The course will move into advanced techniques and audio/video surveillance techniques that are rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology. The tactical portion of the classroom instruction will definitely impact all officers and assist them in keeping themselves safe while conducting vice operations. Officers who participate in covert operations are not born with the talents needed to perform effectively and safely in undercover situations. These talents are developed from experience, hard work and training. This program will provide officers with the techniques and survival tactics necessary to develop or compliment their present undercover experience. Many times this can make the difference between success or failure and safety or injury and assist them in staying safe while working undercover operations.

Instructors: DAVE REDEMANN – Detective, Seattle Police Department since 1985, his 25 years of undercover experience ranges from working Vice, Narcotics and Organized Crime.

IAN POLHEMUS – Detective, Seattle Police Department since 1992, In November 2007, Ian was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICACTF) where he was responsible for the investigation of crimes relating to online child sexual exploitation cases. In September of 2015 Ian was selected to handle SPD’s first Electronic Storage Detection K9. Following the investigation and subsequent arrest of Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, with the assistance of a black lab named “Bear”. Ian and Bear support the ICACTF where they focus on assisting investigators in the recovery of digital evidence that might otherwise have gone undetected, but for the power of the canine nose!

BILL GUYER: Bill graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Criminal Justice. He has over 30 years law enforcement experience. He has been in his current assignment as a Vice Detective with the Seattle Police Department for the last 11 years. Bill has been the undercover detective in over 200 Vice related cases ranging from escorts, track work, massage parlors and adult entertainment clubs. Bill has been the lead or secondary detective in over 100 promoting prostitution cases both adult and juvenile. Bill is also an instructor with the city of Seattle "John School" and has been the lead instructor at numerous law enforcement and community trainings.


DATE: OCTOBER 22nd - 26th, 2018

COST: $450 

Class schedule: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Contact Us:   (206) 484-1596 or Dave@policetraininginstitute.com


(This course is designed to be presented at almost any location so agencies can be as fiscally responsible as they can. This mobility increases the number of students trained per dollar, potentially eliminating lodging, hotel, and rental car for students.  Please contact Dave Redemann at dave@policetraininginstitute.com for further details.)


Hands down – the best training I have ever had. I wish it was longer and even more advanced classes to pick up where this left off.
— Matt Ledford – Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Great Experience. Thanks! I appreciated the opportunity to “taste” this side of police work and get a more clear idea of it. I actually want to do this kind of work.
— McNalty