Interview and Interrogation for Narcotic, Vice, Intelligence, Gang,  AND Intelligence Units  

Attendees: This course is designed for Undercover and Plainclothes Officers/Detectives/Agents/Supervisorsassigned to Narcotics, Gangs, Intelligence, Internal Affairs, ViceHuman Trafficking, or Specialized Units.

Course Description:  “Interview Techniques” Can you get the real answer or information? This 2-day (18 hour) training has been designed to complement the experienced investigator/officer as well as bring a "new" investigator/officer up to a level of experience and knowledge that is required of seasoned investigators.  This course teaches success thru Rapport Building (relationships), Ascertain information or facts (discovering), Disclosure (revealing) and Declaration (confessing).  The course can be tailored to three or four days depending on your agencies needs. The training has classroom instruction and “hands on” practical scenario interviews. A number of the practical scenario interviews will be de-briefed for all students to observe and learn from. Instructors will give positive feedback by videotaping as many of the interviews as possible. The scenarios interviews are modified to be more applicable to an agency’s mission.  The scenarios interviews start” basic” and progress to “advanced” and more complex scenarios.

The training covers: Understanding human nature, body spacing and limitations, deciphering non-verbal communication, understanding you strengths and weaknesses, Discernment Personality testing, videotaped scenarios, and rapport building.

INSTRUCTORS: DAVE REDEMANN'S 25 years of undercover experience has ranged from working Vice, Narcotics, Organized Crime, White Supremacist, Militia Groups, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and even assisted other F.B.I. undercover personnel on an International Terrorist Case.  A large portion of Dave’s cases involved long term infiltrations of Criminal Organizations lasting sometimes up to 4 years. He just completed a 3-1⁄2 year infiltration.  He has spent almost 10 years of his undercover career living with the criminals he is investigating.   When not working undercover has perfected his skills at   interviewing and interrogated hundreds of suspects, witness and victims over his 35 year careery.  He has interviewed Homicide, Robbery, Narcotics, Rape, Theft, Burglary, and Gang suspects in which a  large portion of those interviews resulted in confessions to minor and major crimes. 

SGT. BRANDON JAMES has been with the Seattle Police Department for over 17 years.  He has supervised the Intelligence Unit and “deep” long term undercover operations for SPD and the FBI.  He is an experienced FBI, narcotics, and intelligence undercover.  He has investigated numerous criminal cases on corrupt police officers.  He currently is the supervisor of a narcotics pro-active unit.


DATES: OCTOBER 17th -18th, 2018

COST:  $295

Class schedule: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Contact Us:   (206) 484-1596 or

(This course is designed to be presented at almost any location so agencies can be as fiscally responsible as they can. This mobility increases the number of students trained per dollar, potentially eliminating lodging, hotel, and rental car for students.  Please contact Dave Redemann at for further details.)

Hands down – the best training I have ever had. I wish it was longer and even more advanced classes to pick up where this left off.
— Matt Ledford – Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Great Experience. Thanks! I appreciated the opportunity to “taste” this side of police work and get a more clear idea of it. I actually want to do this kind of work.
— McNalty