A Practical "Shoot/Don't Shoot" Simulations Training

Laser Shot’s Law Enforcement Training Systems

Laser Shot: Firearms Training Simulators and Ranges provides affordable, alternative training solutions for Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

Laser Shot is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and fielding of firearm simulator systems and live-fire training facilities.  For over 15 years, Laser Shot has fielded and sustained millions of dollars in industry-unique training systems and services to militaries, federal, state, and local law enforcement, and other government agencies worldwide.

Laser Shot has cutting edge technology to fill any agency’s firearm training needs with unique solutions that enable progressive training from realistic laser-based engagements to ultra-realistic live-fire exercises. Constant investment in new technology enables continuous advances in hardware and software designs to leverage the latest developments and ensure the most realistic simulation and live-fire training systems possible.

This course comes available for both Law Enforcement officials and civilians (They are taught  separately). 

**The entire system is portable and can be brought to your indoor training facility or we can bring our 16'long, 8'wide fully enclosed "Laser Shot" simulator trailer with a 127" screen.  The trailer is designed to bring the training to you in order to save your agency on costs.**

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Hands down – the best training I have ever had. I wish it was longer and even more advanced classes to pick up where this left off.
— Matt Ledford – Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Great Experience. Thanks! I appreciated the opportunity to “taste” this side of police work and get a more clear idea of it. I actually want to do this kind of work.
— McNalty